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    About CQIconnect

    The CQIconnect network is a space where health and community workers, researchers, policy makers and anyone working on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care can stay connected, discuss common int
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    Challenges and opportunities in CQI

    Research, development and application of continuous quality improvement (CQI) cycle tools help to improve the quality of health care processes for health service providers and the communities they serve.
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
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    CQI courses

    Leading continuous quality improvement for improved client outcomes in primary health care program
    This e-learning continuous professional development (CPD) program is currently being offered as a pilot in a small number of Abo
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    Meet and Greet

    Dear CQI friends,
    Welcome to CQIconnect.
    As the HealthInfoNet Facilitator for CQIconnect, I look forward in supporting our efforts to share knowledge about Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for researchers, policy makers and practitioners.
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    Some publications from the CRE in Integrated Quality Improvement

    Laycock A, Bailie J, et al.  Interactive dissemination: engaging stakeholders in the use of aggregated quality improvement data for system-wide change in Australian Indigenous primary health care.