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  • 6 May 2015

    Three new jobs available with Sunshine Health Service in Katherine NT.  Closing date for all 1 July 2015

    Chronic disease liaison officer

    Chronic disease and eye coordinator

    Chronic disease coordinator

  • 28 November 2012
    Hi Guys my names is Jasmine and im from Vision Australia in the Wollongong area i am a Community Development Worker here to help Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander Clients
    That have Low Vision or are Blind Please feel free to Contact me with any question as that what im here for :)
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    1 August 2012
    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your query and sorry none of us 'mob members' have replied to it yet!

    I am not the best experienced in the area of retinal photography, but some ideas are:
    - Link retinal photography with other diabetes services (e.g. do it at the same time as the podiatrist for diabetic foot checks)
    - Link retinal photography with routine PHC checks (e.g. Adult Healch Check, annual diabetes care plan)
    - Also, one of the key benefits of retinal photography is its use with patient education, in explaining how diabetes can affect the eyes and hence improve future compliance with routine diabetic eye exams.

    However, I'm sure there are many people out there who are more experienced in retinal photography and improving coverage rates ... (e.g. regional eye health coordinators or others involved in routine retinal photography). If anyone out there can share some ideas about this, please do.

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    1 June 2012
    Hi everyone, just joined this minute. having some difficulties to over come with the ICEE program and the IRIS camera. Have just found out that we apparently have a quota to meet (or we lose the camera) though no idea how many that involves. Also, having difficulty tracking down clients to have their retinal photos taken, we have such a mobile population who move aound a vast area, others that live here permanently just dont turn up, dont want to come or can't be found. Any idea's on how I can over come this problem
  • 27 February 2012
    Thanks to ICEE for letting me know about the cultural awareness seminars for optometrists. It was added as our first event. Would love to hear how they went!

    Research Officer
  • 28 November 2011
    Hi all,

    Its great to see we now have 30 people on the EyeInfoNet Yarning Place, from a range of different states and territories across Australia.

    There is a new tab at the top of the page called 'events' which you can add any upcoming events or workshops in Indigenous eye health.

    Does anyone know if there are any upcoming conferences in 2012 for Indigenous eye health?

    Avinna T
    Research Officer
  • 31 October 2011
    Hi Ghislaine, thanks for posting about te talk you gave, sorry for my late reply. Can you send more information about the talk ad if there were any questions from the health workers. Thanks
  • 27 October 2011
    Hi everyone,

    The Fred Hollows Foundation has a new look website with a section dedicated to eye health. Have a look at the following link.

    Kind regards,
    Avinna Trzesinski
    Research Officer
    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
  • 26 October 2011
    Hi everyone
    This morning I gave a talk to about 15 Indigenous Healthcare Workers mostly from the outer islands of the Torres Strait at a workshop oranised by the Cunningham Centre. It was a great opportunity to share some information. Sadly not enough time - I really needed a whole day!!
  • 12 September 2011
    Hi all,
    The Sight For All organisation in collaboration with the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia and the Adelaide Crows AFL football team are raising awareness of eye disease among Indigenous Australians.

    As part of the campaign Aboriginal hip-hop artist Colin Darcy (aka Caper) has written the song 'Eyes'. It will be broadcast on Aboriginal radio and at community events. To find out more about the program and to check out the Eyes YouTube music video http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/programs-projects?pid=1140

    Avinna Trzesinski
    Information Officer
    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet