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CancerInfoNet Website Updates

  • 2 July

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  • 10 June

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    18 December 2012
    Hi NICaN Members,

    The CancerInfoNet website is continuously being updated and developed. A recent Key Resource that was published online:

    Bernardes, C.M. Whop, L.J. Garvey, G. Valery, P.C. (2012). Health service utilization by Indigenous cancer patients in Queensland: a descriptive study. International Journal for Equity in Health

    You can view this resource at:

    Please remember to check out
    Sharing any information you may have in relation to resources, programs and projects is invaluable. To notify the HealthInfoNet of such information, please use the website link provided below.

    Don't forget NICaN is on Twitter as well!

    Teresa Leon
    NICaN’s Coordinator
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    18 December 2012
    Regular updates on NICaN CancerInfoNet website with publications, resources, organisations, programs and projects, and more.