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    16 August 2013
    CQI appraisal report getting lots of attention

    The recently published National Appraisal of Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Final Report has generated lots of interest among readers judging by the large number of visits.

    The accompanying summary document recommends a list of actions to improve the uptake of CQI across the Indigenous primary health care sector and to support CQI’s effectiveness and sustainability in that sector.

    These recommendations include:
    • sustain and build on existing policy directions and investment and practice
    • expand the Indigenous presence in the governance and practice of CQI
    • expand the range of audit tools, resources and training, and increase access to them
    • expand knowledge of, and capacity to conduct, CQI
    • focus on embedding CQI in core business of Indigenous primary health care services.

    Tell us which action is relevant in your work context.
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    30 July 2013
    CQI references and grey literature

    We’re continually adding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health CQI literature to the bibliography of HealthInfoNet. Go to the HealthInfoNet bibliography and type in ‘continuous health improvement’ or ‘CQI’ in the Keyword box. If you have produced or read an interesting inhouse report, unpublished research, survey work, policy document or newsletter article on CQI, you can let members know by replying to this topic.
  • 24 July 2013
    Post literature.