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PAMSWA expands nationally to PATSIMS

  • 10 May 2017

    Hi PATSIMS mob members,

    Access Federal budget information relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in one place

    To assist you in finding Budget information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, the HealthInfoNet has made the task easier for you. You can find all of the information and links to full resources on the HealthBulletin Links to media releases will continue to be added during the rest of the week as they become available so please check back for additions.

    Kind regards,

    Trish Amaranti

    WA State Coordinator

  • 1 May 2017

    1 May 2017

    Hi PATSIMS readers
    The Preventing Aboriginal Maternal Smoking WA portal and Yarning place has been expanded and renamed the Preventing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Maternal Smoking (PATSIMS) portal. It is designed to improve access to information, resources, support and training for health professionals addressing tobacco smoking among pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, new mothers, and their families. The new-look PATSIMS will have a national focus, but still retain all the same valuable tools, resources and information. The portal is located on the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet web resource ( Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Director, Professor Neil Drew, said ‘We previously had a smoking cessation portal specifically for WA (PAMSWA) and are delighted that with funding from the Australian Department of Health we now have the opportunity to expand the resource nationally. Addressing maternal smoking is vital to the future health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.’ The portal provides high quality, culturally appropriate information for individuals, communities and practitioners including: policies and strategies, publications, health promotion and practice resources, programs and projects, organisations and workforce information such as courses, conferences, workshops and events, funding and job opportunities. The portal will be a valuable resource for the maternal and child health workforce, the tobacco control workforce and other practitioners, clinicians and health workers who work with pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, new mothers, and their families. A major focus of the new PATSIMS will be the workshop program. Opportunities will be available nationally over the next 12 months for maternal and child health workers and others working with this target group, to obtain hands-on training in how to make the best use of the resource. The online yarning place, regular newsletters, Twitter and other social media will also help to keep the workforce connected.