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Healing Foundation launches new report

  • 15 December 2017

    The Healing Foundation has released its latest report on the National Gathering of Healing Centres Project. In 2012 The Healing Foundation engaged consultants to support the development of an evidence base framework for healing centres within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The project undertook an extensive community consultation process with the subsequent report drawing upon the cultural knowledge, experience, practice and expertise of communities already operating healing centres and/or working to develop local models to meet the healing needs of their communities.

    The Healing Foundation pays tribute to the community organisations and communities featured in this report, who have worked hard to drive real change for their communities through utilising their cultural wisdom to develop healing centres. These places are assisting to address the trauma impacts of colonisation and bring back the strength of culture creating safe responsive places of healing.

    Click here to read the full news story and the report.

    Kind Regards

    Michelle Elwell
    Research Officer