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  • 23 December 2011
    Hi everyone,

    Here is just a snapshot of what has been added to the EarInfoNet pages in the last three months in publications, programs and projects, resources and conference presentations.

    You can find these at http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/other-health-conditions/ear/publications
    (Remember to look under the year tabs at the top).

    - Recommendations for clinical care guidelines on the management of otitis media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations (2010) Darwin Otitis Guidelines Group and Menzies School of Health Research.
    - Ear and hearing health of Indigenous children in the Northern Territory (2011) Australian Institue of Health and Welfare.

    Programs and projects

    - Otitis media guidelines program (National) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/programs-projects?pid=1145
    - Using pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, Synflorix and Prevenar 13 in sequence or alone, in high risk Indigenous infants for maximum protection from ear infections (NT) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/programs-projects?pid=1133


    - Infectious diseases educational programs: ear infections series [radio] (NT) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/promotion-resources?lid=21368
    - All ears: healthy hearing in Indigenous communities [DVD] http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/promotion-resources?lid=21617
    - My trip to hospital (NT) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/promotion-resources?lid=21382
    - Hear this: supporting Aboriginal learners and employees who have hearing loss (NT) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/promotion-resources?lid=21675

    I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to send in any information you may have about anything you think should be added to the pages. Feedback and contributions from you, our users, enhances and improves the overall product that we are able to provide for you.

    Wishing you all a happy holiday season!

    Kind regards,
    Avinna Trzesinski
  • 2 September 2011
    Dear EarInfoNetwork yarning place members,

    For those of you that utilise social media, ‘Ear health' the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet's specific ear health web-resource is now on twitter @AIHEarHealth

    If you have any queries, or anything you would like to share, please contact us.

    Kind regards,

    Avinna Trzesinski
    Information Officer
  • 21 July 2011
    The EarInfoNet pages of the HealthInfoNet website are continuously being updated and developed. The period April to June saw 11 publications added to the Ear Health section, 2 programs/projects, and 1 conference. Provided below are examples of the type of content recently added as well as website links to these EarInfoNet sections within the HealthInfoNet website.

    Programs and projects
    * Mister germ hygiene and nutrition program (NSW) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/programs-projects?pid=1028
    * Ear health: do you hear what I hear (WA) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/programs-projects?pid=1043

    Here are just a few interesting ones –you can find them here http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/other-health-conditions/ear/publications. Remember to check the general section and the specific topics under the year dates.
    * Viral-bacterial co-infection in Australian Indigenous children with acute otitis media (2011) BMC Infectious Diseases. Binks, M.J. Cheng, A.C.Smith-Vaughan, H. Sloots, T. Nissen, M. Whiley, D. McDonnell, J. Leach, A.J.
    * Too much loud noise stories (2011) Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal. Howard, D. Wunungmurra, A. Fasoli, L.
    * Crowding and other strong predictors of upper respiratory tract carriage of otitis media-related bacteria in Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children (2011) Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Jacoby, P. et al.

    Policies and strategies including:
    * Response to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee report: Hear Us: Inquiry into hearing health in Australia (2011) http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/other-health-conditions/ear/policies-strategies/general-national

    3rd Coalition for research to improve Aboriginal Health (CRIAH) Aboriginal health research conference http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=643

    We encourage you to take a look at the EarInfoNet web pages. Please remember the invaluable service you can provide in sharing any information you may have in relation to resources, programs and projects, courses etc. To notify the HealthInfoNet of such information, please use the website link provided below. http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/contact/share_info
  • 21 July 2011
    Recent updates that have occurred on the HealthInfoNet EarInfoNet topic pages http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/ear