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    9 February 2016

    Hi all, I'm a Fulbright scholar working with Professor Michelle McIntosh at the pharmacy school of Monash. Our research focus is to develop a heat-stable oxytocin aerosol to prevent bleeding after childbirth for mothers in low-resource settings, and we have been investigating whether the aerosol could be of any benefit to remote Indigenous communities. We're currently trying to evaluate need for such a product, so any insight into the following questions would be very helpful:



    1. In remote Indigenous communities, what is the current state of access to oxytocin? Is it available at all remote health clinics, or are there some places where there is low supply?


    2. How easy is it for Indigenous women living in outstations to access the remote health facilities for childbirth or to be flown out? I know in some communities outstations are anywhere between 20-150 km away from the remote health clinic, so I am curious about ease of access to the health facilities.



    I am aware that this concerns women's business, so if it is inappropriate to discuss responses to these questions in this forum, I understand. I appreciate any insight that can be offered concerning these questions.

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    1 December 2015

    Any aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's health.