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2016 Global Indigenous Women’s Conference

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    21 April 2016

    I soooo want to go to this conference!

  • 12 April 2016

    Register now for 2016 Global Indigenous Women's Conference:


    DR. NINA SIVERTSEN is an international Indigenous Sea-Sámi Nurse from Northern Norway and works as a lecturer within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. Her work focuses on women’s empowerment and leadership. With her PhD about Indigenous identity and historical biography of a travelling midwife from the arctic wilderness, she aims to contribute to the growing literature of Indigenous research by Indigenous researchers in a global context.

    HON. LINDA BURNEY is one of the national keynote speakers. Linda is of Wiradjuri descent, grew up in a small farming community near Leeton and is one of the 'Stolen Generations' of Aboriginal children. Since her election for Canterbury 2003, she has been a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Children and Young People 2003-04 and the Legislation Review Committee in 2004.

    For more details on who is speaking at 2016 Global Indigenous Women's Conference click on the link below. http://www.indigenousconferences.com/#!2016-womens-conference-main-page/c1zfc

  • 11 April 2016

    Hi Everyone,

    The 2016 Global Indigenous Women's Conference is scheduled on September 12-14, 2016 at Stamford Grand Hotel Glenelg Adelaide South Australia. The conference is hosted by The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance and Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) with great line up of speakers from around Australia and internationally. The aim is to provide a platform for Indigenous Women to celebrate their achievements in life within their home, family, community and workplace.


    The event will focus on empowerment, strong leadership and self-determination of globally. Throughout the three day event, we will be facilitating small group discussions with informative Guest Speakers from all around the global. The event emphasizes the positives of  Indigenous resilience and determination to strive for a better tomorrow without the constraints of the negative stereotyping which is more prevalent due to social media and bad media coverage.


    Today’s society is plagued with stories of all the wrong in our communities when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. For years as Indigenous women all over the world, have strived to better our communities and families which have given rise to countless numbers of great initiatives and as such one of the ways to highlight these great achievements is to share this knowledge which has always been our cultural way. As such, we feel that it is time to start promoting these ideas so that others may be able to share and spread the knowledge. If you are interested in attending or present please refer to my Profile contact details.

    Thank you for your time,

    Ms Tor-qauisia Robe-Broome