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Trends in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pregnancy care

  • 27 February 2018

    Findings from the ESP Maternal Health Project have recently been published in PLOS One. Access to this journal is free so the article can easily be downloaded here.

    If you prefer to learn about the study in other ways, we have a range of options for you!


    *The one-page summary

    *The key messages (3 pages)

    *The final report for stakeholders: starts with the key messages (1.5 pages), then a slightly longer executive summary (5 pages), followed by the main report

    *The data supplement, for people interested in all the detailed boxplots and tables

    *Want to hear someone explain the study? Check out our audio-visual presentation (10 minutes).


    All of these options are available by clicking on the “Reports” tab of the ESP website here.

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    1 August 2016

    After three phases of reporting and input from many people, the final report (http://www.menzies.edu.au/icms_docs/243265_Maternal_Health_Final_Report.pdf) and accompanying data supplement (http://www.menzies.edu.au/icms_docs/243263_Maternal_Health_Data_Supplement.pdf) for ‘Priority Evidence-Practice Gaps in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Maternal Health Care’ are now available.

    The report presents:

    • Priority gaps in maternal care

    • Barriers and enablers to addressing these gaps

    • Strategies for improvement.

    A summary of key messages from the report is also available here: http://www.menzies.edu.au/icms_docs/248415_Maternal_health_final_report_key_messages.pdf

    Thank you for your time and feedback on the ABCD CQI data and the development of this report. Your contribution has been valuable in increasing understanding of how to improve maternal health care. We hope this report will be useful to you.

    Melanie Gibson-Helm: http://yarning.org.au/profile/melgibson