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Scabies/Skin sores Program

  • 25 June 2015

    Hi Scott!

    Thanks for posting on the yarning board, great question, and very topical at the moment, considering One Disease just got funded $1.2 million for a scabies prevention program in the Northern Territory.

    If you'd like some examples that we've already got on the website, then you can refer to these pages:

    • East Arnhem scabies control program:

    • East Arnhem healthy skin project:

    • A randomised controlled trial of alternative treatments to instramuscular penicillin for impetigo in Aboriginal children

    • Beating scabies and strongyloides in Galiwin'ku:

    Menzies School of Health Research does a lot of work on scabies and skin infections, so I'd highly recommend getting in touch with them as well. You can find their details here:

    I hope this information is useful to you! Please let me know if I can provide any additional assistance.

    Best wishes,

    Millie Harford-Mills
    Research Assistant
    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet 

  • 19 June 2015



    Just looking to see if anyone has run a a scabies/ skin sore prevention program?

    what did you do? and how successful was it?