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Research into Indigenous women mental health programs

  • 5 May 2017
    HI dear Ellen, sorry delay responding, I'm guessing you have also contacted local Aboriginal Medical Service Social and Emotional Wellbeing Teams for advice. For example, in Sydney, the local AMS at Airds runs some great group programs eg. art, etc.


    Sometimes local Womens Health centres run good culturally safe program. Sometimes in partnership with Aboriginal services. Realise you are in Melbourne.


    Also in Sydney, Sistas for Sistas was running great programs through local Liverpool Women's Health. WILMA (womens health centre, Campbelltown ) has a group run by Aboriginal family violence court support staff which is excellent.


    Check out also the Healing Foundation website which has a registry of effective Aboriginal led programs.

    I've also emailed you.
  • 4 October 2016

    Hi guys!


    My name is Ellen and I'm a master's student studying occupational therapy at La Trobe university in Melbourne.


    I was wondering if anyone is aware of  successful community mental health programs that could help a client of mine? She is a young Yorta Yorta mother of 2 who is keen to make new friends who are in the same position as her and to get involved in fun and safe activites. She is currently being treated for post natal depression and has a history of  post-traumatic stress, borderline personality disorder, and alcohol abuse.


    I am very interested to hear if you have any suggestions for her.


    You are welcome to email me at


    Thanks a lot,