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    17 September 2012
    HI Kylie
    Thats my question the difference between the two treating facilities ? I have been reading lots of resources since i posted that question and have found the answer. Thak you for your interest and help.
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    17 September 2012
    Hi Julieann,

    Quite often a client of a community services agency has been in psychiatric care prior to the non clinical services they are now receiving. Many clients of ours are receiving psychiatric care as an outpatient and non clinical care from us.
    Is there a specific question you would like to ask?


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    5 September 2012
    What is the difference between a patient of a mental health unit of a general hospital/psychiatric hospital and a client of a community services agency?
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    2 August 2012
    Look wide the approach is with the one your working with you will have to reassists for their needs.Pay attention to interest & try bonding that why with open mind.Good luck i'm a carer for with bo-Polar have done course also worked with interlectaully adults & behaviour children & ADHD children
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    30 May 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to express my interest in connecting and learning from Indigenous storytellers, healers or health workers who use creative methods in their work. I am trained in 'Drama and Movement Therapy' - which uses story, imagination and movement, to support psychological health and well being. I am interested in exploring the potential shared ground of Aboriginal culture and Drama and Movement Therapy. I am based in Sydney but I am open to travelling.

    Warm wishes,
  • 27 February 2012
    Hi, I am currently working therapeutically with an Aboriginal adult presenting with ADHD features (impulsivity, distractability, etc). People who see me are typically self-referred and wanting help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, complex comborbidities. I'm also aware of the need for differential diagnosis for ADHD (eg. PTSD, drug use, etc). I was wondering who else may have an interest or experience in this area with Aboriginal adults. I am not myself specialising in assessment of ADHD, however I often work from 'working hypothesis' about what may be underlying person's symptoms. My professional expertise is in the area of imparting mindfulness based practices and emotional self regulation strategies.
    I recall hearing an excellent presentation by researcher Anthony Dillon on misdiagnosis of ADHD in schools and found a link to one of his articles on the InfoNet. (see reference below).

    Anyway, realise it may appear from my post that I am not being culturally responsive in my approach, and I am open for any comments or feedback.

    (Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal
    Volume 31 Issue 2 (Mar/Apr 2007)
    ADHD - A 'Hard' Look at the Facts
    Dillon, Anthony; Harker, Phil).
    I've also found some useful web-sites on ADHD in genera populations which I am most happy to share.
  • 14 April 2011
    Hi Hilton,
    Did your find what you were looking for?
    Where are you based. I'm up in Darwin, NT.
    Also, please forgive my ignorance, what does pd stand for?? :$
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    24 January 2011
    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone have a pd for Aboriginal Mental Health or Suicide Prevention workers.

    Any offerings would be gratefully received.
  • 7 October 2010
    Discuss any aspects of Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing including mental health

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