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  • 30 June 2011
    Looking forward to sharing information, updates and chatting with you all,

    I agree with Phil, Yarning Place - great Initiative

    Andrea B
    Indigenous Eye Health Unit
    Melbourne School of Population Health
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    17 June 2011
    Good to be able to yarn with all the Eye Health mob around the country now - great initiative

    Phil Anderton
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    16 June 2011
    Hey Anna,

    this is such a great initiative!

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    15 June 2011
    Hooray - we have an Eye Health Yarning Place! Thanks to HealthInfoNet for setting this up, and Department of Health & Ageing for funding it.

    I hope this enables people working in the Indigenous eye health sector to network with each other, share knowledge and support, and connect with others working in the sector.

    ICEE looks forward to participating in the Yarning Place, particularly contributing to building the knowledge and skills of Regional Eye Health Coordinators and Aboriginal Eye Health Workers.

    Anna Morse
    Project Manager - Aboriginal Eye Care
  • 14 June 2011
    Discuss any aspects of Indigenous eye health